Why Get a Metal Roof?

A major question for many home and business owners is why should they get a metal roof at all? Metal roofs can initially be expensive investments when compared to other traditional roofing. So why get a metal roof? There are some really good reasons to get a metal roof, but the most notable reasons are that a metal roof can boost the value of a structure, metal roofs will outlast other traditional roofing by decades, metal roofs boost energy efficiency, and metal roofs are environmentally sustainable. 

Outlasting Other Traditional Roofing

In comparison to traditional asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing is far more durable and will outlast asphalt shingles by decades. Most metal roofs come with a lifetime warranty, whereas asphalt shingles will likely need replacing within 20 years, if not sooner. Metal roofing handles extreme weather incredibly well, meaning no more replacing blown off shingles from strong winds, as well as a major reduction in risk for roof damage leading to leaks, and other issues that can result in structural damage beyond the roof. 

Boost Energy Efficiency

Asphalt shingle roofs are notoriously inefficient at retaining inside temperatures and reflecting outside heat. Metal roofs however are extremely efficient at both. Studies have shown that having a metal roof has saved up to 40% on energy costs for some homeowners. Certain finishes on the metal panels, often used for warmer climates, will re-emit up to 90% of solar heat absorbed by the panels, assisting in cooling costs. 


In addition to reflecting heat, metal roofs are also extremely compatible with solar panels. The addition of solar panels to a metal roof can significantly increase energy efficiency, providing significant savings. 

Environmental Sustainability

Metal roofing is the most environmentally sustainable roofing material. All metal panels can be recycled, and existing metal panels consist of a minimum of 25% recycled metal. Metal roofs can also be installed over an existing roof, which significantly reduces waste. These factors make metal roofing the environmentally friendly choice for roofing. 

So...Why a Metal Roof?

Overall, although metal roofs can be initially an expensive addition, over the long-term they are the economically sensible choice. Metal roofs require little to no maintenance, and are typically guaranteed for life. Metal roofs can also save significantly on energy costs. Taking these into consideration, metal roofing is a smart and cost effective choice for any home or business. 

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